The Residence

Castelbarco is a male university residence organised following an innovative model in the milanese landscape: a central headquarters and a network of appartments in the near surroundings.

The central headquarters is the focus of the students' daily lives. It's where they find high quality structures: study rooms, library, computer lab, livingrooms. The appartments are near the Bocconi University. The central building also welcomes all the students of the different universities of Milan. This is a great added value that helps the residents integrate in the life of the city, making it easier to establish new lasting relationships from the moment of one's arrival at the residence. The resulting environment is highly dynamic and constructive, in which everyone has the opportunity to grow thanks to a personalised formative itinerary. Since September 2010 Castelbarco has a solid collaboration agreement and synergy with MilanoAccademia, giving birth to a unified entity. New spaces, more exchange possibilites, chances for confrontations and a continuous collaboration between the students from the two residences.

Living at Castelbarco let's you enjoy the following services:

Lodging (in a single or double room), heating and condo fees are included. High standard quality appartments. In each appartment you'll find a tutor, a senior student of the Residence, whose task is to help mantain the typical mood that is one of the characteristics of the residence;

Room cleaning service


Enrollment to all the JUMP activities


Possibility to be supported by a personal coach in one's personal growth and personal development;

Participation to all cultural activities, to the events with the residence's guests, to all formation courses;

Access to all the facilities of the central building: study rooms, library, personal study rooms, living rooms, gym (at MilanoAccademia);

Full board all week long (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner).

These services are accessible all year long, even during the period in which the Residence is closed (summer, Christmas, Easter).

Castelbarco is a small house with a garden situated in a beautiful neighbourhood of the 30s  a rock throw from Bocconi University. In 2010 a significant renovation of all the settings gave the chance to rationalise the different spaces and made the Residence en even more  ideal place for students, that can benefit from modern and cozy surroundings. The central headquarters is a house for the students, the place wehre the college's life comes to life. They study, the join the activies, welcome guests, organise sporting events, celebrations, cultural trips...

Students can dispose of:

  • -Study rooms of different sizes for different needs

  • -Living rooms for individual study

  • - Multimedial living room

  • -Computer Lab

  • -Chapel

  • -Wireless internet connection

  • -Musical instruments

  • -Hemerotec

  • -Library

  • -Gym (at MilanoAccademia)

The residents of Castelbarco can also  benefit of the structures at MilanoAccademia, a twin residence in Via Cosimo del Fante, not far away from Castelbarco.

The  satelite appartaments  are furnished rooms, positioned around the central Residence and close to Bocconi, Cattolica and Statale universities (you can reach the other universities with public transportation), so that in a few minutes you can reach the central headquarters or one's university. The appartments have single or double rooms, in general 4-5 places, a kitchen, bathrooms and all the neccessities to be independent in a  ehigh quality standard environment