Summer activities

With the other RUI Foundation Residences we organise different summer activities that make the students live really unique experiences. In the past year, for example, Castelbarco and MilanoAccademia have actively participated in the following activities:

Calarossa Summer School: it's a seminar about business and mass media ethics for university students. It's held at the International Calarossa Centre in Terrasini (Palermo), during the last week of July. Launched in 2004, the Summer School is a moment in which we combine learning and fun, a highly appreciated week for students coming from all over Italy to participate to this event.

The mood oriented to dialogue and the meetings with high profile personalities of the Italian political, economical and cultural world make the Summer School experience a unique moment in the university period.

IESE Summer School: In a first class international setting, in Barcelona, this activity throws the students in the middle of the third most important European business school (cfr. Financial Times) where, sided by Master Degree professors, they are guided towards the solution of two business cases every day, with the same methods they use in MBAs.

Visits to the beautiful catalan are obviously part of the experience and also fun moments with all the European students that take part to this initiative.

Nicaragua work camp: This initiative continues the idea behind the voluntary work activities promoted by the college, and it consists in assistinf some poor towns in Nicaragua. In the past years, for example, the participants spent time building a sports field, arranging a system of outhouses, helping out with first level medical support and building lodgings. A specific activity is proposed evey year, this activity will be the goal of the whole group.

Taking advantage of the long journey we have also organised trips to the Pacific Ocean, to Costarica and New York. These further possibilities make the three-week trip really complete and absolutely unforgettable.