Fees and scholarship

Rui trusts talent. For this reason every international student admitted to Castelbarco can run for facilitations that can even cover 100% of the annual fee which goes from a minimum of 8200 euros to a maximum of 10400 euros.

You just have to register to MyCollege, to run for the following facilitations:

Special rates for international students leggi

Here you can find all the annual fees, balanced to the real months of stay and reduced up to 60%, depending on geographical origin and the living cost of the destination

Your free year leggi

All the best students in the first year of the bachelor's or master's degree in the first year may contribute to a scholarship really special: a year in Castelbarco completely free. For more informations about this agreement click here

GranTalento leggi

All the admitted students can apply for a further discount up till euros 1.000,00 on the annual fee.
This scholarship is assigned by the Management based on the results of the admission test.

Facilitation in agreement with Politecnico of Milan leggi

Rui Foundation and the Politecnico give the possibility to access spots with a facilitated fee for Engineering and Architecture. The spots are assigned considering the results of the admission tests both at university and at the residence. The facilitation is renewable and amounts to 1000 €.